team teaching

Monique Reed monique at
Fri Jul 9 09:30:47 EST 1999

Hee hee hee.  Finding any two profs who can work together that closely
without argiung over whether to use slides/overhead/laptop, interrupting
one another, backstabbing, or demonstrating duelling theories/egos?


> It seems to me that both of these problems might be solved, in part,
> by "co-teaching" (as opposed to "'tag' team teaching") in which the
> teachers are in front of the class together at least some of the
> time.  If the two faculty really wanted to do this, wrote and graded
> exams together, and could be compensated appropriately with respect
> to contact hours, I think the benefits to the students could be
> tremendous.
> Has anyone been able to pull this off?
> What are the cons I'm not thinking of?

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