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Fri Jul 9 14:44:09 EST 1999

Oh.. my sides hurt.  If nothing else this group is good for a laugh....


Uncle Al wrote:

> Alec Redwood wrote:
> >
> > > I can only assume it's a joke post
> >
> > Si+C=Ca,     mmmmmmmm
> Carborundum is in obvious nuclear disequilibrium.  It may go at any
> second!  Remember what happened to Sanduleak -69°202!  Some turkey took
> some 300 grit SiC wet paper and massaged some green wood. Next thing you
> know, Supernova 1987A!
> Egg shells are made from sand and carbon dioxide by nuclear fusion
> inside chickens.  One Rhode Island Red hen could power the whole US
> eastern seaboard.  The Pentagon's most ghastly terror weapon developed
> in secret with Arab oil magnates is a baheij chicken wedged inside an
> implosion tamper surrounded by HE lenses.  20 megatonnes - and it fits
> inside an alfalfa sprouter.
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