was team teaching; now FACTS?

Elizabeth Larkin elarkin at NMT.EDU
Tue Jul 13 12:56:39 EST 1999

	I have to agree with Bill about the learning of skills, not facts.  Just sitting in a class room listening to an instructor does nothing. If as a student I have to apply what I've learned then I retain it. I'll admit this take a lot more effort from both the teacher and the student, but what is gained far exceeds the output.
	BTW the two best classes I have ever had were a genetics class that the professor said " These are fruit flies. At the end of the semester you will write a publishable paper which will include all of their mutations and the locations" Then he left. I learned  a lot when I had to apply what I was learning in class.
	The other class had tests which required us to create experiments to prove this or that. Most of the students hated the class because they had never been taught how to think through science like that. But isn't that type of thinking at the center of all sciences?
	Sorry to ramble

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