was team teaching; now FACTS?

Jon Monroe monroejd at jmu.edu
Wed Jul 14 13:33:47 EST 1999

Dave Williams wrote,

>And while we're at it, what about descriptive science? Don't students need to
>understand that the quest for pattern, classification, organization, and law
>are valid research objectives? Science is not strictly experimental. When and
>how do we incorporate this vital aspect of biology into the "process" of

A colleague of mine who does animal descriptive morphology teases me 
all the time about my "experimental" work on a gene family in 
Arabidopsis as really being "descriptive morphology"...

Just because the students aren't doing an experiment doesn't mean 
they can't be investigating.  For example, rather than telling 
students what to see in a prepared microscope slide, let them make 
the preparations and figure out for themselves what it is they see.


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