Ecology writing opportunity

Jon Greenberg jgreenberg at HAL.BSCS.ORG
Thu Jul 15 18:57:08 EST 1999

Dear environmental educator,

Please pardon the impersonal nature of this e-mail message.

I am the project director for the revision of a major well-respected
high school biology textbook (The BSCS "Blue Version"). At present, I am
in need of an author for a new chapter on change in ecosystems. I am
contacting you in the hope that you can refer me to a suitable author
for this piece. The ideal candidate would be an ecological scientist who
is familiar with the current state of knowledge in this area and who has
some experience in communicating those ideas (in print or otherwise) to
lay audiences.

I can provide an outline of the topics to be covered. It is possible for
the writer to do this work from home and submit it electronically, or to
come to our offices in Colorado Springs for 1-3 weeks and do the writing
here. If the author chooses to join us here while writing, the cost of
their travel, lodging, and meals in Colorado
Springs would be covered by BSCS. The schedule and honorarium are
negotiable, but I do need to identify and contract a writer in the next
few weeks.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Jon Greenberg, Ph.D.
Project Director, Blue Version, Eighth Edition
jgreenberg at
5415 Mark Dabling Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3842

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