Plant Educ Symposium at IBC

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Fri Jul 16 11:36:53 EST 1999


Woops, it is Steve that has the "grin."  I think I had better get another
cup of coffee!


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On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, David W. Kramer wrote:

> >David and others --
> >
> >If you are going, where are you staying?  I haven't booked a hotel room
> >yet (eek).  I have to register on site, therefore I could not ask for them
> >to book one for me.  There is a list... any suggestions?
> >
> >
> >Steffi
> I'll be at Drury Inn-Convention Center but I think it is full because a
> friend tried to get a room there and was refused.  Many of the hotels are
> full.  Your best bet is to go through the regular conference hotel
> reservation procedure because they are monitoring the space and know if any
> are available.  This will avoid the problem of having to contact each hotel
> individually.  My guess is that there are some hotels in the area that did
> not get on the conference list for one reason or another.  You might get a
> room just by walking up to the desk when you arrive.  This might be true at
> some of the conference hotels, too, due to no-shows.  I believe every hotel
> saves some rooms for walk-ins so you might luck out.
> Good luck!
> Dave

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