Why we teach what we teach

Sun Jul 18 08:29:01 EST 1999

In a message dated 7/18/99 1:10:20 AM, David Hershey writes:

>Botanists need to ask themselves if what they teach is influenced by
>this old liberal bias against the applied. In 1919, Liberty Hyde Bailey
>"We yet speak habitually of "pure science" and "applied science" as if
>they were realities. Science knows no impurity. Until we outgrow this
>old partiality, we are not scientists."

I agree with David (and Liberty) that applied science should not be 
denigrated but, alas, it is often the pure science that is disparaged in 
modern society.

If for no other purpose than that of recognizing and validating pure science, 
the distinction is useful.

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