facts, monocots, and dicots

Sun Jul 18 19:50:48 EST 1999

Bill Purves wrote in message
< at thuban.ac.hmc.edu>...
>This new monocot/dicot thread is interesting in its context of
>what do we teach, and why...  And it's clearly to be solved by
>individual instructors working in a way that's comfortable to
>them.  Once "monocots and dicots" are mentioned, there's a
>question of what to make of them, and how far to go, and what
>particular sort of learning one is after.
>This particular item is of interest to me, given that the
>monocots appear to form a nice, clean clade, while the "dicots"
>do not.  The phylogeny that's emerging is interesting.
>But does one trouble a freshman botany student with it? an
>intro bio (major or nonmajor) student with it?  I'm wrestling
>with that right now for my next edition and have decided to
>give it as a one-sentence footnote.  I think...  ;-)

Interesting! We studied monocots & dicots in 10th grade highschool biology
class (back in '84).

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