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Bioresearch Online Newsletter
Volume 2   Issue 39
Wednesday, July 21, 1999

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Handbook of Essential Fatty Acid Biology: Biochemistry, Physiology, and
Behavioral Neurobiology by Shlomo Mostofsky and David I. Yehuda
Internationally eminent scientists illuminate the most important scientific
aspects of essential fatty acids (EFAs) — from their biochemistry to their
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***** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Laura DeFrancesco *****

1) Digital Chemistry and the Internet
2) Human Genome Sciences Pins Down Origin of Reed-Sternberg Cancer Cell
3) Targeted SNP Discovery


1) Digital Chemistry and the Internet
This month's column by Gordon Logan of ThermoLabSystems focuses on the impact
of the internet on the lab environment.

2) Human Genome Sciences Pins Down Origin of Reed-Sternberg Cancer Cell
Research that could effect the treatment of Hodgkin's disease was reported by
Human Genome Sciences. Using a combination of single cell microdissection and
high throughput sequencing, they determined that the disease-causing cell
originates in B cells, the antibody producing cell of the immune system.

3) Targeted SNP Discovery
Two groups, one from the Whitehead Institute and the other from Case Western
Reserve, report systematic surveys of SNPs in human genes involved with complex
human genetic disorders. Eric Lander's group looking at 106 genes that
influence coronary artery disease, type II diabetes, and schizophrenia,
identified 560 SNPs, while the group from Case Western Reserve University
School of Medicine identified 874 candidate SNPS in 74 candidate genes for hypertension.

******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) Life Science Research Software
2) Protein Display System
3) Vibrating Blade Microtome


1) Life Science Research Software
Oxford Molecular Group's DIVA is a desktop decision support tool designed
specifically for life science research. This tool has the ability to share and
store information by allowing all analysis results and graphic displays to be
saved in project files. With data manipulation tools for analyzing and
visualizing chemical and biological information, this software assembles any
relationship between structures into a “book” of selected compounds.

2) Protein Display System
The Novagen's T7Select Phage Display System allows target peptides or proteins
fused to the T7 capsid protein to be displayed on the virion surface, where
they are accessible for interaction with other proteins or ligands. This vector
displays approximately 10 copies of capsid fusions, and is suitable for
constructing cDNA libraries, as it represents a balance between expression
level and suitability for high affinity screening.

3) Vibrating Blade Microtome
Leica Microsystem's VT 1000 S vibrating blade microtome was designed to section
fixed and unfixed tissue for applications in neuropathology and
neurophysiology. It has a removable knife holder and buffer tray, preventing
cross contamination of reagents and tissue when sectioning fixed and unfixed tissues.

******** Drug Discovery Technology '99 ********

The World's Drug Discovery Meeting Place, August 16-19, 1999 in Boston, MA,
followed by The ACS Short Courses.  Keynote Presentations from Dr. Leroy Hood,
Dr. Stuart Schreiber, Dr. George Poste and Dr. Michael Pavia.  Over 1,000
attendees and fully packed exhibit hall (over 160 booths!) only at the World's
Drug Discovery Meeting Place.

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