Growing Arabidopsis?

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Thu Jul 29 11:58:49 EST 1999


We grow Arabidopsis plants in 5" plastic pots.  Eight pots are held 
in 22" x 11" trays and 12 trays fit on a growth cart on wheels.  I've 
purchased all of these items from a place called Grower's Supply in 
Ann Arbor MI (313-426-5852).  Another source of Arabidopsis-specific 
growing supplies is Lehle Seeds (  I'm 
sure there are other good suppliers out there.  I fill the trays 
1/3-1/2 full with nutrient solution at planting and then add tap 
water when they run out - about every third day initially and almost 
every day when they get larger.

I had the same problem with seedling death-for-no-apparent-reason 
earlier this year so I checked the archives of the Arabidopsis 
newsgroup ( and learned 
that this is a somewhat common problem!  No one appears to have has 
spent the time to figure out the cause, but the most frequent advice 
I saw was to switch soil brands.  I was using Pro-Mix BX when the 
problem started so I tried Sunshine Mix and MetroMix and plants grew 
normally on both of them.  Interestingly, people had the same problem 
with a variety of soil mixes so when it happens again I'll switch 

Hope this helps.


>Does anyone have a good system for growing Arabidopsis?  Mine get to the
>seedling stage but then die because I can't seem to keep them from getting
>either too dry or too wet.
>Dr. Robert R. Wise
>Department of Biology
>University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
>Oshkosh, WI 54901
>(920) 42403404
>wise at

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