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Bioresearch Online Newsletter
Volume 2   Issue 40
Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Starting next month, Bioresearch Online will be hosting month-long series on
new technologies. The first series will look at some novel cloning vectors and
systems, such as transposon-mediated cloning offered by Epicentre and New
England BioLabs, Life Technologies' Gateway Cloning System, and Invitrogen's
novel VP-22 cloning system. Following that will be a series on Lightning Fast PCR.

If you have any products or technologies that you would like to have featured
in these series, drop me an e-mail at ldefrancesco at

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***** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Laura DeFrancesco *****

1) Biotech 99 Released by Burrill & Co.
2) FastLane Part I: Tips For Submitting NSF Proposals On The Web
3) Chimeroplasty--A New Technique for Plant Genetic Engineering


1) Biotech 99 Released by Burrill & Co.
Some highlights of Steve Burrill's annual report on the state of
the biotechnology industry can be found on Bioresearch Online this week.
Topics discussed include: The Internet Juggernaut, how European concern
about genetically modified organisms is affecting the industry, and the
role of ag-biotech in improving food and the environment.

2) FastLane Part I: Tips For Submitting NSF Proposals On The Web
The first article in a two-part series on using NSF's FastLane for submitting
research proposals---the ONLY way that NSF will accept proposals as of July 1---
is presented by John Schwartz, research associate in physics in Dartmouth
College. Part one provides guidelines and tips for starting the FastLane
process. Part two, which will appear next week, will explain how to complete
online forms, check for errors, and submit proposals.

3) Chimeroplasty--A New Technique for Plant Genetic Engineering
Two papers appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
describe a method for altering plant genes that doesn’t require transferring
whole genes---chimeric oligonucleotide-dependent mismatch repair (cdMMR).
Chimeroplasty, as it is called by its developers at Kimeragen could be used to
improve, modify, or correct gene function and while avoiding some of the
objectionable aspects of cross-species gene transfer.

******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) Fluoroimager
2) Thermal Block Cycler
3) Digital Imaging System


1) Fluoroimager
A high performance multi-wavelength digital imaging system, E G and G Wallac's
1442 ARTHUR can scan and analyze a wide range of electrophoresis and non-
electrophoresis samples. This multi-wavelength fluoroimager supports single or
multiple fluorescent labeling and is suitable for DNA, protein and carbohydrate
imaging applications.

2) Thermal Block Cycler
Techne's Genius is a full-size thermal block cycler that provides accuracy of
up to ±0.5 C block uniformity, and a ramping rate of 2.5 C/sec.  This cycler
has several commonly used PCR protocols, such as manual pause, and
incremental/decremental temperature and time features, and comes with heated-
lid and “hot-box” to allow for oil-free reactions.

3) Digital Imaging System
Alpha Innotech's FluorChem 8000 is a fluorescence, chemiluminescence and
visible imaging system, sporting over 1.3 million pixel resolution, 6% quantum
efficiency at 400 nm and 0 to 65,536 linear dynamic range.

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advanced solutions to their customers’ needs for vision, measurement and
analysis. Leica’s high precision microscopes and scientific instruments serve a
diverse list of customers including biomedical researchers of all kinds,
biologists, surgeons, pathologists, and teachers to name a few.
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