Growing Arabidopsis?

Grant R. Cramer cramer at UNR.EDU
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I think the best way to grow Arabidopsis is to grow it hydroponically. We 
have found this plant to be very sensitive to the slightest overwatering or
underwatering in the earling seedling stage. We grow them on rock wool
system that we have developed. It is idiot proof. Rockwool is the key! See
my paper on the internet
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> Bob,
> We grow Arabidopsis plants in 5" plastic pots.  Eight pots are held
> in 22" x 11" trays and 12 trays fit on a growth cart on wheels.  I've
> purchased all of these items from a place called Grower's Supply in
> Ann Arbor MI (313-426-5852).  Another source of Arabidopsis-specific
> growing supplies is Lehle Seeds (  I'm
> sure there are other good suppliers out there.  I fill the trays
> 1/3-1/2 full with nutrient solution at planting and then add tap
> water when they run out - about every third day initially and almost
> every day when they get larger.
> I had the same problem with seedling death-for-no-apparent-reason
> earlier this year so I checked the archives of the Arabidopsis
> newsgroup ( and learned
> that this is a somewhat common problem!  No one appears to have has
> spent the time to figure out the cause, but the most frequent advice
> I saw was to switch soil brands.  I was using Pro-Mix BX when the
> problem started so I tried Sunshine Mix and MetroMix and plants grew
> normally on both of them.  Interestingly, people had the same problem
> with a variety of soil mixes so when it happens again I'll switch
> back!
> Hope this helps.
> Jon
>>Does anyone have a good system for growing Arabidopsis?  Mine get to the
>>seedling stage but then die because I can't seem to keep them from getting
>>either too dry or too wet.
>>Dr. Robert R. Wise
>>Department of Biology
>>University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
>>Oshkosh, WI 54901
>>(920) 42403404
>>wise at
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