Growing Arabidopsis?

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Fri Jul 30 05:19:17 EST 1999

Posted that definition, because I though there might be someone who, like me, saw
the word Arabidopsis and wondered what the hell it was... hehehe
Now that I've finished my search, I realize why I hadn't remembered the plant.
Took a degree in Botany, but I have worked in horticulture for 25 years.
is a good example of why !

Steve Hinkson wrote:

> Arabidopsis thaliana. is a small flowering plant which is widely used by plant
> science researchers
> as a model organism to study plant developmental processes. It is a member of
> the Brassica family,
> like cabbage and radish. Unlike those species, however, it has no major
> agronomic importance. A.
> thaliana. does have several advantages for the researcher however. These
> include, among others, a
> small genome size (a haploid content of around 100 Mbp of DNA which is
> distributed among five
> chromosomes), a rapid life cycle (about 5 weeks from seed to seed), easy
> cultivation in restricted
> space, prolific seed production, and a large number of mutant stocks that are
> available for
> researchers from the stock centers at Ohio State University USA and Nottingham
> UK.
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