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>                            BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS !
>                         ( ANOTHER Form of COLD FUSION )
>                ( ALTERNATIVE Heavy Element Creation in Universe )
>                A very simple experiment can demonstrate (PROVE) the
>           FACT of "BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS" (reactions like Mg + O
>           --> Ca, Si + C --> Ca, K + H --> Ca, N2 --> CO, etc.), as
>           described in the BOOK "Biological Transmutations" by Louis
>           Kervran, [1972 Edition is BEST.], and in Chapter 17 of the
>           book "THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS" by Peter Tompkins and
>           Christopher Bird, 1973:
>                (1) Obtain a good sample of plant seeds, all of the same
>                    kind.  [Some kinds might work better that others.]
>                (2) Divide the sample into two groups of equal weight
>                    and number.
>                (3) Sprout one group in distilled water on filter paper
>                    for three or four weeks.
>                (4) Separately incinerate both groups.
>                (5) Weigh the residue from each group.  [The residue of
>                    the sprouted group will usually weigh at least
>                    SEVERAL PERCENT MORE than the other group.]
>                (6) Analyze quantitatively the residue of each group for
>                    mineral content.  [Some of the mineral atoms of the
>                    sprouted group have been TRANSMUTED into heavier
>                    mineral elements by FUSING with atoms of oxygen,
>                    hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc..]
>                BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS occur ROUTINELY, even in our
>           own bodies.

There is a simpler explaination!!!!!!!!!  Fusion requires HUGH amounts of

Making chemical bonds requires only a SMALL amount of energy.  How about
if the sprouts fix CO2 from the air and make sugar with it.  Their weight
will go up and no new elements will be created.

Why invent "transmutations" when common chemistry will do?


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