West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference '99

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<bigger>We extend a cordial invitation to all faculty and undergraduate
researchers to attend the 

<center><bold>24th West Coast Biological Sciences 

Undergraduate Research Conference

Saturday, May 1st, 1999


</bold></center></bigger><center>at the <bold><bigger>Beckman
Conference Center of the National Academy of Sciences at the University
of California at Irvine</bigger></bold>. 


<bigger>This Conference offers undergraduates the opportunity to
present their original research in any area of biology or biochemistry
to an audience of students and faculty from many participating
institutions.  With the involvement of thousands of students and
hundreds of faculty from throughout the Western region over the years,
the Conference continues to provide a unique forum to showcase student
talents and enthusiasm and to foster faculty involvement in a unique
and supportive setting.  As in past years, we welcome the support and
participation of the TriBeta National Honor Society.

The Beckman Center promises to be an excellent venue for our conference
this year.  Owned and operated by the National Academies of Science and
Engineering, it is an elegant and outstanding state-of-the-art facility
which has served as a meeting place for the Academies, the National
Research Council, and the Institute of Medicine.  There is ample room
for plenary sessions, break-out areas for writing sessions, and dining
and social activities.  The facility is easily accessible by air and

<bold>Plenary Session					<bigger>Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and
Solar Ultraviolet Radiation

				Professor F. Sherwood Rowland,

				1995 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry


</bigger></bold><bigger>Registration fees will cover the cost of
breakfast and lunch and an abstract booklet.  These slightly increased
registration fees are necessary to cover the cost of the Beckman
Center.  Please register early as attendance will be limited to 250.

      <bold> Postmarked by Monday, March 8th  $35 for students and $40
for faculty   

	</bold></bigger>($45 and $50 respectively after March 8, if space is

<bold><bigger>Abstracts deadline is Monday, March 15th.
</bigger></bold><bigger> It is anticipated that all reasonable
abstracts that follow the guidelines will be accepted.  Abstracts may
be submitted by U.S. mail to the address below or by e-mail at the Web
site browser. There is no guarantee that abstracts submitted after this
date can be included in the abstracts section of the program. 

Additional Conference information may be accessed on the Internet at


</bigger></bold>This site contains information on registration,
scheduling, format and submission of abstracts, the Conference site and
access as well as other pertinent information.  This site will be
updated throughout the semester.  For further information, please

</bigger><bold>Dr. Franz Hoffmann

Department of Developmental and Cell Biology

University of California, Irvine

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