Bill Williams wewilliams at OSPREY.SMCM.EDU
Wed Mar 3 12:10:07 EST 1999

>I will be away for three months, so I need to remove myself for the
>plant-ed list.  I tried a couple times, but I obviously do not have the
>correct procedure.  Would someone let me know how to do it?
>Gary Hannan

Since others may have similar questions, below is an excerpt from what
should have been sent to all when they subscribed:

You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF PLANT-L" command
to LISTSERV at CRCVMS.UNL.EDU. You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to
confirm the receipt of messages you send to the list. If you do not trust
the system, send a "SET PLANT-L REPRO" command and LISTSERV will send you
a copy  of your own messages,  so that you  can see that the  message was
distributed and  did not get  damaged on the way.  After a while  you may
find that this is getting annoying,  especially if your mail program does
not tell you  that the message is  from you when it informs  you that new
mail has  arrived from PLANT-L. If  you send a "SET  PLANT-L ACK NOREPRO"
command, LISTSERV  will mail you  a short acknowledgement  instead, which
will look  different in your  mailbox directory. With most  mail programs
you will  know immediately that this  is an acknowledgement you  can read
later. Finally,  you can turn  off acknowledgements completely  with "SET



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