mineral nutrition

Carl Pike c_pike at ACAD.FANDM.EDU
Fri Mar 5 09:09:54 EST 1999

Thanks for the various comments on my posting about chloride.  I may not
have been clear about my original question.  Of course Cl is essential in
only very tiny amounts.  So assume a plant that is growing in a mineral
solution made with highly purified water, which will probably contain
enough Cl to meet these trace requirements, but certainly not large
quantities.  When we talk about guard cells, or the electrophysiology of
cells in general, we invoke Cl as a significant anion, so that means that
fairly large quantities are involved - that's what you'll see in books, and
there are lots of journal articles about Cl channels, etc.  Yes, guard cell
charge balance can be taken care of to an extent by malate.  But if there
is only a "trace" of Cl present, what other anions are involved in the
required charge balance of cells - is it just the other inorganic anions?


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