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Jensen, Douglas Paige jensendp at
Tue Mar 9 16:15:16 EST 1999

I know we don't want too many humorous notes, but I 
couldn't help myself here....I've seen interesting ways to 
get around the lawn problem on the South Side of Chicago, 
where my wife grew up.  Here are a couple.
1.  Cover your yard with cement and paint it green (common 
near Comisky Park).
2.  Cover everything with astroturf.  Tree stumps are 
especially festive this way.

Seriously, though, I think periwinkle looks pretty good, 
and it doesn't need mowing.  Not sure how nice it is to walk
on barefoot, though.  You need to take alot of information 
into account when you decide what to plant....local 
temperatures, rainfall, amount of sunshine.  A local garden 
store should be the appropriate source of information.

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