Unknown plant in the southwest of Ireland

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Sat Mar 27 14:02:39 EST 1999

Dear Thomas,

The plant is Umbilicus rupestris (Salisbury) Dandy, just as the captions
says. It is a deciduous tuberous succulent perennial in the Crassulaceae.
It is widespread in southern and western Europe and in the United Kingdom
as far north as Scotland. 

It does indeed appear to combine the characters of several unrelated plant
genera to which you may add it has a tuber like a Cyclamen.

Cereusly Steve


Thomas Lamp <tlamp at is.in-berlin.de> wrote in article
<tlamp-2703990543090001 at dial2in26.vr.in-berlin.de>...
> Hi, 
> This plant growing in the southwest of Ireland, between stones. 12-15cm
> up, flowers remaining on Digitalis, light yellow; laeves like Tropaeolum.
> I have no idea!
> Shannon and Diane reply in the shrub-forum, they guess:
> Hmmm..The flowers look just like a Lupine or a  Thermoptis but that
> The flowers look almost like fabiana but the foliage on it is
> needle-like.  Some variety of Heather?
> Pictures at 
>    http://www.IN-Berlin.de/User/tlamp/unknown.html
> Thomas

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