Case studies approach suggestions wanted for non-major plant sciencecourse

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> 	There are some good videos out there for introducing some of these
> topics.  My own personal favorite is now over 10 years old - "Close
> Encounters of the Floral Kind" which describes pollination mechanisms of
> many different types.  It was originally a Nova production, I believe.

I love this video, and so do my students.  However, I 
think "The Birds and The Bees", video #3 in David 
Attenborough's Private Life of Plants, is superior.  It 
includes most of the same examples plus some extras.  
It is part of a 6-video set (all excellent and 
well-priced for educational videos). David Attenborough's 
narration isn't as lurid as the narration in 'sexual 
encounters,' which I refer to as the plant porno flick. 

My copy says it is a BBC/Turner Home Entertainment 

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