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Jon Monroe wrote:

> >The suggestion I am leaning to is a self-sufficiency model.  What if Y2K (or
> >alternate scenario) crashes our economy and you have to rely on your knowledge
> >to grow plants for food, medicine, clothing, etc..
> Not a bad thought but couldn't this (Y2K) fuel unnecessary panic?  Another
> consideration is that in a year this pedagogical model would be outdated.
> I think building a course around real issues that will be with us for a
> long time is more logical.  Here is another example that I didn't see
> posted: plant biotechnology.  One could tie together nearly all aspects of
> plant biology from molecular biology to ecology, and relate them to
> agriculture, economics, human nutrition, etc.  The book "Plants Genes and
> Agriculture" by Chrispeels and Sadava (1994, Jones and Bartlett, ISBN:
> 0-86720-871-6) would be a good one to consider for such a course.
> Jon
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Please re-read my posting. Biotechnology was mentioned earlier.

Bill McKendree
Orlando, FL

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