Question: aquatic vascular plant ecologist

Bob Wise wise at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Wed Mar 31 11:38:12 EST 1999

I am posting this message to both the Plant Ed and the CUR lists--I
apologize to people who get it twice.

My department is debating hiring an aquatic vascular plant ecologist within
the next year or two.  During the debate, the concern has been raised that
such a job description might be too narrow and limit the number of
applicants (we like to see at least 30-40 applicants).  My question to you
is, have any of you conducted a similar search recently?  How many
applicants did you get?  If you search for an "ecologist" only (without
specifying type), how many applicants did you get?  How many were aquatic
vascular plant ecologists?  My gut feeling is that "aquatic vascular plant
ecologist" is a broad enough term to yield a large and rich pool of



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