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Fri May 14 09:38:21 EST 1999

Hi, I don't have any specific references at my fingertips now, but a
data rich area for you will be to look for publications in
Ethnobotany.  This is an interdisciplinary subfield of  Anthropology
and Botany.  You can also check under Paleoethnobotany which  applies
these principles to Archaeology.  Hope this helps.

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>I will be developing a new course on "plants and humans".  The tentative
>description is that it will be:
>	"A study of how humans use plants for food, beverages, medicine,
>fiber, perfume, and building materials.  History of plant use, plants used
>in modern agriculture, ethnobotany, biodiversity, and plant conservation
>will be covered."
>Can anyone suggest some good texts for such a course?
>I am also looking for laboratory suggestions.
>Thank you.
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