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Assaying soil nutrients

An excellent and now standardised method is given in

Middleton KR and Toxopeus 1973  Diagnosis and measurement of multiple soil
deficiences by a subtractive technique. Plant and Soil 38  219-226

and a follow up paper Smith et al 1976  NZ Jl Exp Agric 4 423-427

These techniques use ryegrass growth to bioassya siol deficiencies and it
quantifies these very well/
.  It lends itself to a very useful  undergrad expt as it teachesa lot
about design replication stats as well as physiol, If students use their
own soils they get very useful info on nutritional deficiencies intheir own
good luck
Warwick Silvester

>To all,
>	I'm looking for a standard procedure for testing the fertilizer
>value of a soil supplement derived from treated sewage biosolids.  A local
>sewerage district is considering processing and marketing their product.
>One of the many questions they need to answer is what effect does it have
>on plant growth.  Does anyone know of a standard set of conditions (plant
>species, soil type, watering regime, etc) that is used for this type of
>study?  I can come up with my own design, but I'd hate to reinvent the
>wheel if I don't have to.
>Dr. Robert R. Wise
>Department of Biology
>University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
>Oshkosh, WI 54901
>(920) 424-3404
>wise at

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