fumigating growth chamber

Bill Williams WEWilliams at OSPREY.SMCM.EDU
Thu Nov 4 11:35:08 EST 1999

We've used Safers quite a bit, too, and I strongly recommend testing 
it on a plant before applying it to a large group of plants. It can 
definitely haver physiological effects on the plants.


At 13:26 -0800 11/3/99, Janice M. Glime wrote:
>  Since people have expressed concerns about pesticide buildup in a growth
>chamber, you might want to consider Safers.  It is essentially one of the
>formulas for Ivory soap and it breaks up the cohesion of water molecules
>so the insects drown due to water entering their spiracles.  One cannot
>just buy Ivory soap and make their own, however, because all but one of
>the formulas is toxic to the plants.  We bought ours through our local
>nursery (they ordered it for us).

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