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Nancy Kirkpatrick nkirkpatrick at GW.LSSU.EDU
Wed Nov 10 17:40:09 EST 1999

I just read Ross' reply and it's good to hear that someone else uses a general botany text to teach plant phys.  I like both texts, but I'm a little partial to Raven since I "grew up" on his texts.  However, I used Moore, et al. last year for plant phys because of its readability.
The biology students at LSSU, a small public university in rural Michigan, do not have to take cell bio so I try to squeeze a little into my plant phys course.  I thought Moore was a little weak in this area so this year I am switching to Raven.
But, because of the easy readability of Moore, if this is a freshman level botany course, that's the text I would recommend.

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