Global Ecology Labs?

Robinson, Dr. David drobinson at BELLARMINE.EDU
Thu Nov 11 08:56:39 EST 1999

I am using GIS (Global Information Systems) in my Environmental Science
class. There is a nice program (called ArcExplorer) that is available for
free on the web. My hyperlink is at:

I have only recently given it a try in class. I thought non-majors would
enjoy using GIS as it can be useful for anyone interested in geography,
economics, business, sociology, history, as well as ecology and environment.

P.S. Could you give me a reference for your NPP/greenhouse lab? and the Sci.
American article on weed-species area curves?


Dave Robinson, Biology, Bellarmine College, Louisville, KY

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> Dear Plant-Eders,
> I'll be teaching a biology course with lab for students who aren't 
> science majors next semester, and I'll be emphasizing global-change 
> topics. Can anyone suggest some labs relevant to global ecology 
> suitable for non-majors? I've already got a couple: measurement of 
> NPP in the greenhouse, and development of a species-area curve in a 
> weedy lawn (there was an excellent writeup of this in Scientific 
> American by Henry Horn).
> Suggestions?
> Bill Williams
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