Inquiry-based labs for an upper-level "plant diversity"

QDurham qdurham at
Fri Nov 12 13:44:36 EST 1999

>You'll notice that I have eliminated lecture, I hope,
>entirely. Frankly I found students came to lecture totally
>"empty" in terms of preparation

Ross, allen, go for it.  I ran into exactly the same thing many years ago in
junior high science (physics ).  Finally gave up lecture and went 100%
hands-on.  Fantastic results.  Night and day!  After a rare-as-possible lecture
day, kids would come up and ask "Can we work on our investigations or do we
gotta listen to you talk?"  Humbling.

All teachers tend to teach as they were taught -- at least for  while.  Looks
like you are changing.  Good all over you.  I've a theory that says until we
teach it hands-on, we haven't learned to teach it.  Check out kindergarten
teaching.  25(?) totally illliterate students.  EVERYTHING done hands-on.  And
your kindergarten teacher taught you how to read!

Go for it!


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