sterililty in seeds.

Cynthia M. Galloway kfcmg00 at
Sat Nov 13 15:34:58 EST 1999

I think what you are referring to are crop plants that have been genetically
engineered to have a "terminator" gene which renders the seed sterile at the
end of development.  This guarantees that new seed must be purchased each year.
 Seed cannot be held-over for the next year.  For more information, search the
web for "terminator gene".

>I am interested in the topic that was discussed in my botany class about =

>sterilty of seeds, what is the latest findings on this topic. If my =
>question is to vague I am trying to find out how far technology has come =

>that prevents farmers and etc. from growing plants from seedlings of =
>plants grown the previous year.

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