James W. Perry jperry at UWC.EDU
Mon Nov 15 15:37:37 EST 1999

It's disheartening to get a message like this for a couple of reasons. 
First is the misspellings in the message. Someone (you) is (are) asking for 
help from thousands of people that they (you) don't know and yet is (you 
are) too lazy (?) to make sure that the request has words spelled correctly.

Secondly, it's obvious that there has been absolutely no effort to use the 
very best resource available, which happens to be the library. In today's 
world of "instant information" you are hoping for someone to tell you what 
you need to discover for yourself, and until I get a question that is more 
precise and demonstrates that some effort, other than sending out an e-mail 
such as this, has been undertaken, I won't provide assistance. But I will 
chastise you for not making an effort to find the information that is 
readily available in your library.

At 10:36 PM 11/13/99 +0000, you wrote:
>i am doing a science psoject in school and i need to find articales on this
>topic.  i am doing the effect of different colored light on plant growth.  do
>you know any imformation i should know?

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