photosynthetic pigments

Monique Reed monique at
Tue Nov 16 11:35:43 EST 1999

Were you pulling out carotenoid pigments, perhaps, or xanthophylls?

M. Reed

Susan Schenk wrote:
> Hi, all. Some students in my intro bio lab recently did some paper
> chromatography with various plants. The usual spinach /alcohol extract gave
> the expected four bands with petroleum ether/acetone as the solvent, but some
> of the other leaves seemed to have an additional  yellow band close to the
> starting point, running more slowly than chlorophyll b.  Do any of you know
> what this might be? Is it real or an artifact? Maybe a breakdown product? I'd
> appreciate any help.
> Thanks and cheers,
> Sue Schenk
> sschenk at

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