spam (was Fluorescent spectral info)

Jon Monroe monroejd at
Mon Nov 29 15:56:07 EST 1999

Ken asked:

>There is a lot of spam in this group, oddly enough, other groups of semi
>related  discussions are nearly spam free, why?

"Private" listservs (e.g. biolab, are not open to 
non-subscribers so spam is not a problem.  Newsgroups such as 
Plant-ed are open to all so we get spammed.  As a BIOSCI newsgroup we 
benefit from automatic searchable archiving not possible with 
listservs (see: 
Moderated newsgroups screen out the spam at the expense of 
spontaneity of conversation - a feature of Plant-ed valued by its 
users in the past, hence we are currently not moderated.  If you look 
at the archives of other BIOSCI newsgroups 
( that are not moderated they get 
the same spam that we see.  For example, see this month's archive on 
AGEING (  Hopefully, 
electronic filtering will solve the problem.  If not, I am willing to 
serve as moderator.


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