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Sun Oct 3 15:09:52 EST 1999

My wife bought a decorative indian rubber tree plant a few months ago
and it may now be in critical distress. Admittedly this is the first
plant of this kind we've had, but after seemingly flourishing through
the close of summer, within the last couple of weeks, its leaves have
begun to turn reddish (rather than their normal, healthy dark green) and
are falling off by the boat load. Despite its apparent decay, it has an
emerging bud that seems to be doing well, but we're still concerned.

We've kept it in indirect sunlight (about a foot from two western
windows), watered it when ever it seemed to need it (approximately
weekly), and done everything according to how the label it came with
said, but it doesn't seem to be doing well (though there aren't any
obvious signs of blight or bugs). Does anyone know if this is this
normal (or if there's something we're doing wrong)?

Any/all (constructive) advice/input will be greatly appreciated. Please
respond via e-mail to "be0rn###@javanet###.com" (omitting the "###"s and
noting that the "0" in "be0rn" is a number) because our ISP's Usenet
turnover rate is unbelievable. While we don't mind at all if you want to
post your response for others to benefit, the only way we can be sure to
get it is if you mail us a copy.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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