help for a soon-to-be botany grad

mjk8 mjk8 at DANA.UCC.NAU.EDU
Mon Oct 4 19:00:22 EST 1999

looking for a little help: I am a senior botany major looking to do some 
internship next year before I head to grad school (the following year?) I'd 
really like to especially do some work in an arboretum/botanical gardens 
and/or with environmental education. Does anybody know of 1) opportunities I 
should know about or 2) where I should start looking for things like this.
   I've been doing internet searches starting at the botanical society of 
america homepage, I found an application for the national one in D.C. which is 
exciting, but other links are turning up tour guide-type descriptions.
 thanks for help.
mike kerkman
PS: This may be stretching it, but other countries would be very cool as weel 
as within the US.

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