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David Hershey dh321 at
Fri Oct 8 23:27:43 EST 1999

I thought of that but don't think that was what they meant. The
implication seemed to be that the "single cells" and "gigantic trees"
were mature organisms which is the way Guinness does world records. 

SMeissne at AOL.COM wrote:
> Depends on whether you consider the entire life cycle of the plant or not.
> After all sperm and egg are single celled stages of plants, yet they are no
> less plants, arn't they?
> But I have to agree that ASPP's statement does give the impression that
> Chlorella and similar photosynthetic protista might be considered to be
> plants.  I hope
> that was not what they intended.
> Scott Meissner
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>  The half dozen current botany texts I have agree that the Plant Kingdom
>  consists of just bryophytes and vascular plants, so I was surprised that
>  the American Society of Plant Physiologists' Education Foundation's
>  'Principles of Plant Biology - Concepts For Science Education' states
>  that "Plants exhibit diversity in size and shape ranging from single
>  cells to gigantic trees."
>  Is there still disagreement over what organisms are included in the
>  Plant Kingdom?
>  David Hershey
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