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Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Sat Oct 9 04:24:28 EST 1999

Why not, indeed...?

I liked the Idea presented about having students study what makes an organism a
as suggested by John Hoddinott PhD.  What to do if they decide we're full of it
with 5
Kingdoms...get predictably dogmatic?

                "get a good exposure to the conditional nature of scientific
Loved that statement !
time to go back to work, before I get myself into trouble...

Russell_Goddard wrote:

>         " But I have to agree that ASPP's statement does give the impression
> that
>           Chlorella and similar photosynthetic protista might be considered to
> be
>            plants.  I hope that was not what they intended."
> Why not?!
> Russ Goddard

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