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Sun Oct 10 14:51:51 EST 1999

To the group,

About a year ago, I came across an active transport lab which examined the
active transport of protons out of corn roots.  Briefly the lab involved
treatment of cut root tips with water, azide, and fusicoccin to inhibit or
stimulate the proton pumping.  The root tips were then placed on an agar
plate with a pH indicator incorporated into the agar.  The amount of proton
pumping, then, was indicated by a color change in the agar.

Unfortunately, I can't find WHERE this lab came from.  I thought it was from
an ABLE manual, but I can't find it in any of those that I have.  I have
looked in all of the lab manuals that I have on hand, and can't find it in
any of them, either.  I've done some quick web searches, and can't pull it
up there, either.

Do any of you, by chance, recall encountering such a lab, and if so, do you
recall where I might have gotten it?

Thanks for your help.  I await your collective wisdom.

To those of you who also subscribe to Biolab, I appologize for sending it
out to both groups.



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