chloroplast inheritance

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Which are the species you have been told the pollen parent contributes the

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> A question for the list:
> I had always thought that chloroplasts, like mitochondria, are inherited
> only maternally in most species. I recently learned that at in least
> some plants, not only does the pollen parent contribute chloroplasts,
> but the maternal and paternal chloroplasts segregate into different
> tissues. We had an interesting discussion here about the possible
> implications of this for histological differentiation from the
> tunica-corpus type of stem apex.
> My question is whether anyone on the list has a sense of how widespread
> paternal inheritance of chloroplasts (and presumably mitochondria) is.
> Is this just an occasional thing in a few species, or the standard
> process for most plants?
> Many thanks.
> Jon

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