chloroplast inheritance

Kathleen Archer Kathleen.Archer at
Tue Oct 12 08:02:06 EST 1999

In flowering plants, the most famous genus for bi-parental inheritance of
plastids is Oenothera (evening primrose).  There may be a few others in the
angiosperms, but Oenothera is the best studied.  See "The Plastids", by
Kirk and Tilney-Bassett, second edition, for lots of interesting stuff on
this topic. Be sure you get the 2nd ed., as there isn't much on it in the
Along those lines, if any one knows where I might obtain a personal copy of
the 2nd edition, I would be most grateful.
 In gymnosperms, inheritance of plastids through the pollen parent is the
norm.  I don't know how plastids are inherited in other major plant groups.
Kathleen Archer

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