Nicotiana growth conditions

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We grow our plants in growth chambers at 16 h days, 28 C day temp, 23 C 
night. Many of the tobacco varieties used today are day neutral, meaning
daylength won't affect flowering. We grow them hydroponically with our
Gibeaut's solution (see
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>Subject: Re: Nicotiana growth conditions
>Date: Wed, Oct 13, 1999, 8:30 AM

> At 11:45 AM -0500 10/12/99, Kelly McConnaughay wrote:
>>Dear Plant-edders
>>I am a student at Bradley University beginning an undergrad research
>>project.  I will be comparing the induced responses of Nicotiana sylvestris
>>to simulated herbivory after grown in low and high nitrogen availability
>>and ambient and elevated CO2 atmospheres.  But I need to know what are
>>normal greenhouse growing conditions for Nicotiana sylvestris (soil
>>composition, temp, everything) and the range of nitrogen availability for
>>these plants in the field?
>>Any info is appreciated,
>>Julie Lasanen
>>please send replies to kdm at
> Hi Julie!
> I'm growing a lot of N. sylvestris in my
> greenhouses here at ECSU. The plants are
> thriving for me.  I am growing them in 4.5 inch
> Kord geranium pots (sorry, English standards for
> pots). I am using Fafard #2 potting soil (not
> too different from ProMix BX). The plants are
> watered twice daily with a drip irrigation system
> with what I hope is 100 ppm N from a 20-20-20
> Peters soluble fertilizer mix. At present I am
> leaving the walkway fluorescent lights on 24hours
> a day so that the plants are under long-day
> conditions to flower.  I am trying to get seeds
> from crosses of these transgenic plants. My
> temperature settings are 75 day/65 night. I am
> not supplementing with CO2 at all other than
> what visiting humans give off.  The greenhouse is
> a two-layer polyethylene hoop house, and I have
> 55% shade cloth over it at present but it is
> coming off soon.  The growth is lush in the
> partial shade.
> Best wishes!
> ross
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