Jeff Zembry JZEMBRY at
Mon Oct 18 23:15:34 EST 1999

I am a commercial greenhouse grower, and I have recently (6-8 months
now) started using the biological fungicide "Rootshield".  I am just
wondering if anybody else out there has tried this stuff. I have seen
very positive results with my plants, but am having quite a problem with
the application.  It seems to create quite a bit of sludge in the
injector barrel,  as it is difficult to keep mixed up into a solution;
it settles in a matter of minutes.  I have followed to manufacturers
directions to the letter, but am still having these problems.  The
sludge this stuff produces has destroyed several injectors already.  I
have been extremely happy with the results once it has been applied, but
I don't want to ruin another injector if I can help it.  So, if anyone
else has tried Rootshield, maybe you would have some suggestions for me.

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