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At 8:28 AM -0500 10/22/99, Terry R. Conley wrote:
>Good morning Plant-Ed.
>We find ourselves in the position of having to buy 4 ft x4 ft display
>boards for posters for an upcoming meeting.  I'm not certain what sort
>of material would be best to purchase, and a stroll through the local
>builder's supply didn't turn up much. Can anyone recommend a suitable
>material--it should take push pins readily, be sturdy and reusable, and
>(hopefully) not terribly expensive.  Thanks!
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Hi Terry!

The best stuff is called "homosote" and is a gray
fibrous board that comes in various thicknesses
and l/w dimensions. You can get/order it at any
lumber yard. You need it sturdy enough to stay
where you want it. It is indeed quite expensive IMHO.
Your plant staff would need to figure out how to
display it...maybe two sheets back to back with
duct tape at the top and bottom to make an A-frame?

The cheaper way to go is to drop into Staples (etc.) and
pick up their tri-fold poster board (simple corrugated
board but nice looking...white surface). All you need
is to supply some banquet tables to stand them on.
They are good for a few uses before you put them in
the recycle bin.

Our problem is that we do a conference about once a
decade and we just don't have storage space for homosote...
so I am pretty sure we will be using the cardboard ones
for our spring conference this year...besides the tables
offer a place to park handouts, demonstrations, equipment,
etc. in front of the poster.  AND some of our presenters
want to have a place for their laptop as part of their
poster...the tables allow that too.


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