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At 2:22 PM -0500 10/25/99, Thomas Finlay wrote:
>Hello. Can anyone direct to information on the effects of back crossing
>(if I understand this correctly, crossing the seed grown offspring of a
>plant with pollen from one of its "children.").
>Thank you
>Tom Finlay
>Deer Island, Oregon

Hi Tom,

I'm not sure I understand what you wrote, but a
back-cross is to take some offspring from a cross
and mate that offspring with one of its parents
(or grandparents, etc.).

As my wife jokes...incest is best...keep it in the family...
Brings up some raunchy stuff by Jeff Foxworthy.

Inbreeding is a way to make a desirable allele
homozygous, and this is often a useful approach
in studying genetics of plants. For animals, and
certainly that includes humans, such approaches
are NOT as well recommended and possibly illegal.
Yet inbreeding is precisely what the AKC demands,
and is the pathway that humans used in diversifying
the dog species into the several "breeds."

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