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Dear Chris,

I have already received this announcement from ASPP headquarters and our campus
rep. and now realize that this poll is probably meaningless since you can vote
as many times as you wish.  In fact, you can simply push the "back" button on
your browser and just keep on voting.  Other side has probably figured this out
as well, which is probably why the results are close to 50-50.

Chris Somerville wrote:

> We need your help!!!
> Time Magazine is conducting a poll asking people's opinions on how concerned
> they are about biotech foods.  The activists are organizing and voting in
> droves against GMO foods (see below).
> Please go to the following website link and cast your vote.  Pass this along
> to others who may be interested.
> Thanks for your support.
> Fran
> http://www.pathfinder.com/time/daily/poll/0,2637,foodpoll,00.html
> This is the survey question on the webpage:
> Genetically Modified Foods: Are You Afraid of Eating Them? More and more
> food is being produced from plants and animals that have been genetically
> modified. Are you concerned about consuming meals made from such
> ingredients?
> []Very Concerned
> []Somewhat Concerned
> []A Little Concerned
> []Not Concerned at All
> []Not Sure/Don't Know
> []
> [][][][]
> NOTE: This is an unscientific, informal survey for the interest and
> enjoyment of TIME.com users, and may not be indicative of popular opinion.
>        *****************************
> --FoodBiotechNet provides weekly updates and science-based perspectives on
> issues related to food biotechnology.  It is a central, credible forum to
> facilitate information sharing and exchange of scientific perspectives among
> scientists, opinion leaders and expert communicators on breaking stories,
> research and other information relating to food biotechnology.
> FoodBiotechNet is a partnership of the Council for Agricultural Science and
> Technology (www.cast-science.org), the Georgetown Center for Food and
> Nutrition Policy (www.ceresnet.org) and the International Food Information
> Council (ificinfo.health.org).
> Chris Somerville
> Carnegie Institution
> 260 Panama Street
> Stanford CA 94305

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