fumigating a growth chamber?

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Fri Oct 29 06:32:54 EST 1999

I would second Jon's solution -- for a large scale aphid infestation in a
green house full of arabidopsis, we harvested what we could, bleached
everything and waited a bit. None of the insecticides we tried killed
aphids while saving arabidopsis.

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> Hi Bob,
> This may not be what you are looking for, but when we had aphids I 
> threw out all of the plants, scrubbed down the room with dilute 
> bleach and waited a week or so before replanting.  I had an 
> alternative place to grow plants so it didn't set us back too far, 
> but it worked.
> Jon
> >To all,
> >
> >Our growth chamber has caught a disease, namely aphids.  Does anyone have a
> >procedure for de-aphiding a 16 ft^3 growth chamber?

My 2 electrons,


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