please point me in the right direction

Red roselamar at
Fri Oct 29 10:58:43 EST 1999

The lily is very easy to tend to. Most people say they take very little
light but I have found that if I give mine filter sunlight it grows very
nicely and blooms often.  It also like a lot of water and fertilizer light
on the nitrogen side.  As for the pilea you are asking for heartache,  I
have never had any luck with them.  They like to stay moist but dry out
somewhat between waterings and the foliage will rot if the water stays on
them for very long.  Good luck.

Fire Watchers wrote in message ...
>i would appreciate a website or e-mails that can show me how to care for 2
>plants i just got. i don't have a natural talent for caring for plants, but
>would like to learn.
>the nursery guy wrote this down, and i know it's not spelled right, but
>hopefully someone will know what i mean.
>sprthiphyllum peace lily
>and the other is a pilea (he said there were several dif. kinds of pileas,
>but their care is similar)

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