C-fern sites -- Updated Site and New Web Address

Thomas R. Warne twarne at UTK.EDU
Wed Sep 1 10:04:10 EST 1999

For C-Fern, there is a new web address:  http://cfern.bio.utk.edu
that has been extensively redesigned and updated. The Research Link 2000
site links to this address. You can also access this site through a
redirect from an older address  http://www.bio.utk.edu/cfern/.   I am
currently working on redirect(s) from the even older, longer addresses.

Within a week or less, we should have available for free download the
current write-up for Chemical Attraction: C-Fern Sperm Chemotaxis. This
is an attention grabbing demonstration or experiment that capitalizes on
the ability of C-Fern sperm to detect and respond to a chemical signal
(positive chemotaxis). Using sperm from 12 – 18 day-old C-Fern
gametophyte cultures and simple equipment, students can document the
responses to a series of test solutions, including pairs of isomers that
elicit distinctly different responses or even the natural
chemoattractant that allows sperm to locate receptive archegonia and

"Singer, Susan R" wrote:
> > David,
> >   Here are two web sites to look at.  The first is Research Links 2000
> > which
> > is geared for intro bio students and has a C-fern section:
> > http://www.researchlink.ferris.edu/.  The other is the cfern site for
> > teaching and research:
> > http://www.bio.utk.edu/botany/cfern/cwhatnew/cwhatnew.html. I've found
> > both
> > sites to be very useful.
> > Susan

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C-Fern email -- cfern at utk.edu
C-Fern Web -- cfern.bio.utk.edu

KTx 8/4/99

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