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Damian Lessman escribió:
> I'm looking for some information about the common names of several plants in
> Spanish, namely cyodon dactylon, digitaria sanguinalis, equisetum fluvatile,
> saponaria officinalis, pteridium aquilinum. I'm a translator and have a
> number of labels to translate, one of which is for a herbicide.
> Unfortunately, I can't find a web page which could give me the common names
> and this information is an essential part of the translation.
> If you don´t know the names, do you know where I could find them?

This are common names in Colombia and Venezuela:

Cyodon dactylon: Pasto Bermuda, Grama Bermuda, Pelo de Indio
Digitaria sanguinalis: Guarda Rocio
Equisetum fluvatile:? I think is: Cola de Caballo, but I'm not sure
Saponaria officinalis: Jaboncillo, Lavaplatos
Pteridium aquilinum: Helecho

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