A. Van Laere Andre.VanLaere at bio.KULeuven.ac.be
Tue Sep 7 02:44:39 EST 1999

PROFDHW at AOL.COM wrote in article <715e3dc8.25014487 at aol.com>...
> I, also, am wondering why plants are more tolerant of polyploidy. Perhaps

> they aren't. Perhaps it's just a mechanistic, evolutionary "luck of the 
> draw". What evidence do we have that animals don't tolerate polyploidy?
I thought the problem with polyploidy in animals was sex chromosomes (rare
in plants).
After doubling of the sex chromosomes meiotic separation of the gemini
would yield only one type of gamete, even in the heterogametic partner,
giving only one type of offspring e.g.
XXXX diploid females yields XX gametes.
XXYY diploid males yield XY gametes.
producing XXXY offspring (male?, female?) 

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