Plant Database

Scott Ranger ranger at
Tue Sep 7 20:31:14 EST 1999

I've been working on such a database in MS Access, but it's no where
near useable yet. I'm using the National PLANTS database as the basis
and am trying to learn how to use a relational database to multiple
entries for each plant as well as keep the synonyms together. It's quite
a chore.

Martin Witchard wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm trying to construct a plant database for collectors on our campus
> and from the local botanic garden. Purpose? To enable future people in
> my position to know where to go to collect plants for practical classes.
> My question is : does anyone know of a useful program to contain info on
> family, genus, species and field notes? MS Access might be a possibility
> but I'm not sure I need anything so complex! What are other people using
> who have a similar databases set up? We're not talking a complete flora
> here - just a couple of hundred or so species useful in our classes.
> Thanks,
> Martin Witchard.
> P.S. The ability to incorporate a map would be also useful.

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